Molluscan Playing Cards

Molluscan Diversity Playing Cards

The Molluscan Diversity Playing Cards were developed to be a flexible tool to learn about the phylum Mollusca in general, with a focus on the diversity of marine molluscs. We developed it to be an educational outreach tool we could use and enjoy in our work with all ages. On top of that it’s fun and will fit in a shirt pocket!

Each card has a unique mollusc on its face (along with the standard poker pips) with detailed information about the animal such as range, habitat, feeding method, class and order, reproductive strategy, fisheries and endangered status.The deck features 52 different animals with each rank being assigned to one group of animals (see the Table below).

Mollusc groupPoker Rank
Carnivorous GastropodsJacks
Fresh Water MusselsThrees
Minor ClassesTwos

Each card is information rich, but in practice, use of the card’s information can be tailored to the audience level. Each card includes the animal’s common name, scientific name, an image of the animal, and the class and order it belongs to. A set of symbols provide information on common life history traits (all have: feeding mode, edible, commercial, and reproduction mode; some also have: endangered status or danger). Range, habitat and interesting notes are described in the text area on the bottom half of the card.
Anatomy of a Mollusc Card
Life History Symbols & NotesThe price for each deck is $12.99, which allows us to give one deck to a high poverty school for every two we sell, plus shipping and handling. For continental United States orders shipping is $2.00 for the first deck, $0.50 additional each deck after that, free ground shipping any order over $50. Please contact us for the best rates possible to your location.

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